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A complete tube-welding system has been launched by Esab, comprising a new range
Austria Fronius digital welding equipments TIME 5000 Digital The TIME Process is a tried and tested high-performance welding process for manual and mechanised applications that has been doing sterling service in industry for many years. By “high-performance”, we mean a welding process that achieves either a deposition rate of at least 8 kg/h, or a wirespeed of at least 15 m/min with 1.2 mm steel wire.

Now the TIME Process has been totally digitised. With all the attendant benefits that come as standard with Fronius digital welding systems, such as: 100 % reproducibility of all welding results, modular system principle, digital microprocessor control, superb welding properties.

TPS /TS series MIG/MAG

The future is here and now - welding has moved into a brand-new dimension - with the dawning of the fully-digital age. The TransSynergic 4000 machine, with 400 A respectively, delivers the very maximum precision, exact reproducibility and superlative welding properties.

Ideal, then, for all industrial applications - whether in robot or manual welding. Especially in such sectors as structural steel and apparatus engineering, shipbuilding and vehicle construction, the new and fully digitised machine provides truly optimum solutions. Welcome to the future of welding


TT series Job

WIG welders now have something they can really get excited about. Fronius has developed a machine series that leaves nothing left to be desired: MagicWave 4000/5000 for direct and alternating current and the TransTig 4000/5000 for direct current. Active Wave and digitalization are the key technologies behind the design of this machine .

However you look at it, these power sources are amicable contemporaries: noticeably quiet – light arc is as quiet as possible, nevertheless incredibly stable; extremely simple, even self-explanatory operation; light and robust at the same time, and completely digitalized– unique among WIG machines.

TransPocket 1100

The trend underway in industry towards ever-lighter products that deliver maximum performance has reached a new high: The TP 1100, weighing only 3.7 kg.
For some people, such differences may not count for much, but for others these are "weighty" arguments affecting their daily work. For us, they are the successful outcome of a determined R&D effort - because this new "lightweight" could only be achieved using an entirely novel power concept.

VarioStar 1500 / 2500 / 3100

Utterly reliable, from the ground up There are some items of basic equipment that every workshop simply has to have. The sort of trusty products that do a good job of work, whatever you put them to, without making a fuss. The VarioStar is just such a product: versatile, sturdy, easy to handle and use. The VarioStar is a step-switched MIG/MAG welding machine, so it always delivers highly reliable welding results, of impeccable quality. Particularly when used on light-gauge sheets, these machines stand out for the exceptionally good welding results that they achieve. Three different amperages are available: 150 A, 250 A and 310 A. Optimally harmonised for both mixed gas and CO2. Whichever way you look at it, the VarioStar 1500 / 2500 / 3100 is a worthwhile investment that quickly pays for itself.



Powermax 1250 plasma cutting machine
The performance standard for air plasma cutting machine
·7/8″(22mm) recommended capacity
·1 1/8″(29mm) maximum capacity
·1 1/2″(38mm) severance capacity

Powermax1650 plasma cutting machine
Recommended: up to 1-1/4″(32mm) at cutting speeds of 19″(483mm) per minute
Maximum :up to 1-1/2 ″(38mm) at cutting speeds of (279mm) per minute
Severance :up to 1-3/4″(44mm) at slow speed

Lincoln Precision TIG welder
The precision TIG delivers the power to perform – setting
a new standard in square wave Technology .Combining
outstanding value-added features and micro-start technology
the precision TIG has the widest current in its class and features
25 more amps of power at 40% duty cycle and superior low-end.
This machine comes standard with full featured sequencing and
pulsing controls and power factor correction .

Bystronic laser cutting machine ( Swiss)




SAF products

Plasma cutting machines TIG welding installation
The world recognized ZIP range is the solution TIG welding equipments provide the
for all the on-site applications with a set of high quality and reliability.
machine simple, robust and ready to use.


MIG/MAG Pulse range

An excellent solution for welding carbon and
stainless steels , using solid or flux cored wires
also light alloys and aluminium including aluminium

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